Wine + Power Virtual Course

Wine + Power Virtual Course

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October 8 - November 12

Tuesdays @ 6pm PST / 9pm EST

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Course Outline

Wine’s allure is magnetic; luxurious and joyful, yet technical and complex.  While wine information abounds, the grail of wine wisdom can seem beyond our grasp.  For novices and professionals alike, wine can feel like the exclusive domain of wealthy, white patriarchs. Wine + Power explores this terrain with new maps. 

From the personal to the technical, the ecological to the mythological, Wine + Power raises up narratives buried by the wine industry’s dominant interests and puts power back into your own glass.

In the Wine + Power course, you will:

  • Develop your wine palate using intuition and play

  • Learn wine-speak, from the technical to the woo-woo

  • Translate your values and tastes into empowered wine buying

  • Recenter the sacred in your relationship with wine

As we dive into this work, wine becomes not only a medium for connection and delight, but also a source for spiritual, ecological, and economic change.


Known for her ability to translate complex wine concepts into memorable, laugh-out-loud lay-woman’s terms, Molly's wine gospel is at once irreverent and profound. Wine + Power guides wine-lovers on a discovery of their own curiosity, clarity, and power as they navigate the world of wine.  

As a trained sommelier, entrepreneur and career wine professional, Molly offers a deep, relational understanding of wine’s heritage, biology, and culture.  Unafraid to pull back the curtain, she deftly maneuvers between the smoke and mirrors and the real magic of wine.

The Wine + Power curriculum draws from a range of ideological frameworks including Somatic Experience, Regenerative Ecology, Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Intersectional Feminism, Liberation Theology, Restorative Economics, Sommelier Certification, and the good old School of Hard Knocks.

Who should take this course? 

Anyone who wants to develop their personal, ecological, and economic power in relationship to wine.  Wine novices and pros alike can deepen their knowledge and confidence during this course. 


Each class includes a BYO participatory tasting and dynamic engagement with these themes:

Week 1. Stick Your Nose In It: Play, curiosity, and the embodied experience

Week 2. Dirt, Rain, and Sheep$#!t: Connecting to the smells and flavors of place 

Week 3. Use Your Words! Finding your wine voice and calibrating your palate

Week 4. Unlearning the Old School: Decolonizing your taste buds and wine cellar 

Week 5. Cold Hard Cash: Making your money work for your palate and your values

Week 6. Liberation Fermentation: Cultivating your wine community and connecting to a movement

Basic Package


Six week online course (Oct. 8 - Nov. 12, Tuesdays @ 6pm PST / 9PM EST)

Six 75-minute live video classes with Molly*

Fun weekly wine challenges and tasting “homework”

Online group discussions with other participants  

Downloadable supplemental course material

List of wine recommendations for each class’s BYO participatory tasting**

Lux Package


Basic Package

PLUS two 45-minute live video Saturday afternoon tasting classes.*  

3 wines will be tasted and discussed per Saturday class.

(Oct. 19 and Nov. 9 @ 2pm PST / 5PM EST)

List of six wine recommendations to purchase for tastings**

Additional Info

* Live video classes will be recorded and posted to the class portal so material can be rewatched or viewed by participants who were unable to attend the live class.

** Participants will be provided a list of wines or wine varietals that will be discussed in class. We will be collaborating with local wine shops in multiple regions to create a “Day Drinking Class Pack” of wines for ease of purchase.

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