Fertile Ground

We are creating A new, regenerative financial Paradigm for the wine industry.


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regenerative credit

The traditional way of doing business leaves farmers and winemakers out in the cold.  At RedHen, we are solving this problem by building a regenerative pool of credit backed by RedHen investors so that we can pay farmers up front.  When the wine is sold, a percentage of the profits go to the investors and back into the credit pool, creating dynamic renewal.  

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An ever-growing tribe of everyday people, our investors feel enormous pride and excitement about what they’re building with RedHen.  As each one brings their passion and resources to the collective, our bandwidth expands until Investing Passionately, Harvesting Collectively becomes a movement with the power to make waves far beyond our own industry.  

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A win for every stakeholder

RedHen's regenerative credit model means every stakeholder has the backing and support to do their best work.  It means better farming practices, thriving local economies, more intimate relationships with investors, well compensated employees, long-term land stewardship, better storytelling and education, and good wine for all.