Empower Women by Investing

How have you been feeling after the past few days?  We’re honoring our feelings of disempowerment and anger about this democracy’s failure to take women’s voices and experiences seriously. There is a concrete way for you to vote right now -- by becoming an investor in a woman-led company poised to change an entire industry dominated by patriarchal values.

Investing in RedHen Collective is a vote for radical, intersectional women’s leadership.  It is a vote for the feminist values firmly planted in our mission: to embody a new wine economy of  regenerative ecology, transparency, collaboration and gratitude. The team leading RedHen -- Molly Madden, Stephanie Sprinkle, Clare Quinlan, Annie Connole, Jenny Kassan, Laura Beth Schneider and Stephen Rye Switzer, have come on board with RedHen because it is the most important thing they can do to affect change at this point in their careers: change in the way we treat our earth and workers, the way farmers are paid, the way money circulates in our economy, the way communities thrive, and the way women’s wisdom is honored.  

We invite you to cast a VOTE for RedHen by choosing to invest through our direct public offering. This is a unique opportunity: your investment in RedHen will empower you to build personal wealth, while affecting systemic change aligned with your values.  And if you get thirsty along the road to revolution, you can always opt to drink some of your dividends with our investors-only wine club!  Join us and everyone who has already cast a vote for RedHen.  Take your seat at our table today.

Molly Madden