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Molly Madden, Founder and CEO

Molly Madden is the Founder of RedHen Collective, a feminist, cooperatively-owned, wine import and distribution company.  Raised in Montana, she worked beside her mother - restaurateur, chef and pioneer of the locavore movement, building their family’s restaurant.  There, Molly developed a strong work ethic and a deep understanding of how food and wine create community and culture. She carries a profound and pragmatic compassion for small businesses and local economies.

Following many years as a community organizer, Molly began her work in wine imports and distribution in Washington and Oregon, eventually landing her in New York establishing an ambitious new wine wholesaler.  Early in her career, Molly became an accredited sommelier and traveled the world solo to learn the languages and legacies of the farmers behind her beloved wines. While forging deep relationships across the entire wine industry, Molly discovered that glass ceilings above her head were matched by glass ceilings below her feet, and that the fundamental structure of wine’s supply chain undermines its most vulnerable stakeholders: farmers, women, people of color.

In the spring of 2016, Molly left NYC to found RedHen Collective: a leading-edge business model for the wine industry embodying feminist values and regenerative economics. A powerful speaker and visionary, Molly has presented at WineFare, Batonnage, and the Network of Bay Area Worker Cooperatives. Her transformative work has been featured in Forbes, The Oregonian, and Meininger’s Wine Business International.

Watch, Read and Listen

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