About Us


Who is part of the collective?

Our collective is made up of farmers, wine producers, laborers, investors, merchants, and a team of employees who are dedicated to investing in the sustainability of all of our stakeholders, the environment and the heritage of regional wines.

How can I become part of RedHen Collective?

There are so many ways of Investing Passionately and Harvesting Collectively with RedHen....

Are you a farmer?  Are you a money-mover, a change-maker, an educator, a storyteller? A vintner, merchant or wine lover?   Tell us what you'd like to bring to the table!  Get in touch here.


What is a feminist business?  Does it mean there are no men involved?

We adore all genders and everyone has a seat at our collective table!  We're a feminist business because we embody feminist values: transparency, collaboration, interdependence, resourcefulness, gratitude, integrity, cyclical growth, and mindfulness.  

Part of being a RedHen is embracing radical inclusion and intersectionality; we cannot tackle sexism without addressing our heritage, our relationship to land and resources, our health or our economic structures.


What is employee profit sharing?  

RedHen is a worker-owned cooperative corporation.  Equity and profit sharing are key to both RedHen's mission and our savvy business model. Our employees are both investors and entrepreneurs, each with our own skin in the game and we work together to shape a more profitable business that is resilient, resourceful, innovative and inclusive. 

We don't believe in disposable employees - all RedHen hires are vetted and poised to become co-owners and managers one day.  This is a far cry from the turn-and-burn worker standard in our economy.  It means that the resources we invest in our team will stay in-house and be passed on through the next generation.

When the health and prosperity of the individual are inseparable from the success of the collective, a very different kind of company emerges. As employees invest more deeply in the day-to-day operations and the long term vision of RedHen, our entire collective is strengthened and every stakeholder benefits.


How is RedHen helping women and people of color in the wine industry?

We are committed to wealth and asset building, professional development and healthy work environments for people who are traditionally underrepresented in wine industry leadership - particularly women and people of color.  

There is a lot of work to be done here; glass ceilings and systemic racism are alive and well in our industry. RedHen is explicit and strategic about hiring, training and collaborating with women and POC, while sharing resources with our team and business partners to support better allyship and community building.  

RedHen invests in pioneering tools, models and materials to systemically build a prosperous, equitable new wine economy so that the burden of positive change-making does not fall on the shoulders of the few or the individual.


What is regenerative investing and why is it awesome?

Regenerative investing is the building of an economy that does not exploit or extract from any stakeholder in order to provide profits for another.  Regenerative investors come in all shapes and sizes (seriously, you might be one yourself!) and are committed to building wealth in ways that also build soil, communities and culture. 

We embrace steady, stable returns over bubbles and gambles, we value transparency and collaboration and we are proud leaders in the new wine economy.  Here are some of the things our investors stand for:

  • Building wealth, assets and savings for everyone, not just the 1%

  • Confidence, tools and financial literacy for all

  • Diversifying personal investments for healthier and balanced portfolios

  • Moving money where it matters: pathways for ethical saving as well as ethical spending

  • Steady, transparent returns and fabulous perks

  • Joining the tribe: forging life-long personal connections in the regenerative wine community


Iā€™m a merchant.  Why should I buy from RedHen?

At RedHen Collective, our purveyors are key collaborators, as they are a crucial conduit between the wine grower and the wine drinker.  We look to our partners in the market to tell us what people are thirsty for and what their neighborhood is excited about.

Our team is deeply invested in seeing our merchants and their communities thrive - we consult and collaborate to build wine programs that support diverse palates and pocketbooks while providing the stories, training and tools to see our wines succeed in the market.   

RedHen Collective is developing a sales team that represents the diversity of markets we work in.  We support our purveyors with multilingual sales staff that engage both veteran and budding wine consumers while helping our merchants win relationships for life with their customers and our winemakers.

Where are the winemakers located?

We have been forging relationships with passionate producers all over the world for over a decade, while putting down roots for our exciting portfolio of domestic grower/winemakers across Oregon, California and Washington.

This year has taken us back to Italy, France, Germany, Slovenia, Slovakia and Hungary, from islands to Alps, visiting friends new and old as we deepen our network of growers with extraordinary indigenous wines and stories to share.   

RedHen is proud to offer a revolutionary new kind of relationship to our winemaker partners that allows these farmers to invest passionately in the human, economic and environmental ecosystems in which they work.


Do you have a wine club?

If you're chomping at the bit to get a taste of the RedHen family of wines, the most powerful thing you can do is talk to your local wine merchants and restaurants - they work hard to curate wonderful wine programs and we believe that investing in their businesses is key to strengthening all of our local economies. 

We are building a wine club which is available to RedHen's regenerative investors.  Reach out to us HERE to learn more.


Where can I buy RedHen wines?

We are currently cultivating our markets with wine merchants large and small across California, stay tuned as we launch with our first wineries this year.  Reach out to us HERE to learn more.