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Wine + Power Course


Join Molly + friends for a 6 week online wine course

From Oct. 9 - Nov. 12, join Wine + Power: a participatory online course for anyone who wants to turn wine into a source of personal and political power. RedHen's own Molly Madden will raise up narratives buried by the wine industry’s dominant interests and facilitate educational tastings where wine becomes a medium not just for connection, but for spiritual, ecological, and economic change. Join us and become a wine powerhouse! Learn more and register here.



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RedHen Collective is dedicated to embodying a new wine economy of gratitude, collaboration, transparency & regenerative ecology.

We are unique in that we pay farmers first, share equity with employees, and are propelled by regenerative impact investments of every size.


In the News


Recent Press

RedHen featured in Forbes Magazine: “The New Way To Invest In Wine: Pay Farmers First, And Prioritize Inclusion” by Cathy Huyghe

Forbes named RedHen’s prioritization of farmers and inclusion a Top Wine Theme for the Year.

RedHen named a top wine destination for 2019 by the Oregonian.

The Equal Exchange podcast, The Stories Behind our Food interviewed Molly for the episode “Wine for Everyone!”

Meiningers Wine Business International featured RedHen in “When Wine Becomes Transformative”

Thanks to E&R Wine Shop in Portland, OR for the excellent piece trumpeting the beginnings of RedHen Collective.

Locavesting mentions RedHen in an article on the coop incubator, Start.coop.

The Vinguard interviewed RedHen Founder, Molly Madden, for WineFare 2019.

People are Talking



“Yes, it’s a disruptive business model. But, knowing Molly Madden even a little, you also get the sense that what she’s building today is a perfectly organic, natural evolution of what’s come before.”

- Cathy Huyghe, Forbes

"When I saw that RedHen identified as a feminist business -- they had me. I could see the work they'd done on their economic model. They know how to dive deep into feminist economics and I love their profit sharing model, their liberation culture and the way they have deeply centered justice within a sophisticated business approach."

- Jonathan Rosenthal, Consultant at Just Works and Co-Founder of Equal Exchange

“It's hard to imagine a more holistic and purposeful investment that has such significant potential for sector change and forging a path for deeply regenerative co-op business. I invest because the passion, depth, and experience of the team surpasses that of any similar business I've come across.”

- Felipe Witchger, Founder, Community Purchasing Alliance

"Stephanie [Sprinkle] is an uncommon talent, possessing an encyclopedic knowledge of winemakers and wine regions as well as a rare tasting expertise and photography skill. Her collaboration with Molly Madden is an exciting step towards RedHen's goal of shaking up the wine industry."

- Peter Liem, James Beard Award Winning Wine Journalist

“I’m harvesting collectively with Red Hen because farmers need the resources to grow the high quality grapes that make your lovely wines. By flipping the traditional paradigm, Red Hen helps the farmer to get paid, which means they can afford to farm to higher standards, resulting in a better bottle of wine.”

- Debby Zygielbaum, Vineyard Consultant and Farmer

“While sustainable, organic, and regenerative farming methods are important, it is equally vital to ensure that how people are paid for their work is also sustainable and equitable. RedHen's commitment to inclusive and sustainable financing for all parts of the value chain sets it apart from other investments I've seen, and I'm happy to have the opportunity to support this work.”

- Jane Bulnes-Fowles, RedHen Investor


Grow with Us 


Investing Passionately

We believe that everyone should be able to participate in an economy where we invest passionately and harvest collectively.  RedHen’s passionate investors share our belief that building wealth should also build community, ecology and culture.  During the fall of 2018, 60 new investors joined RedHen Collective through our Direct Public Offering. If you are interested in learning more about our investment model, please contact us here.